Dedicated Engineering Teams

Dedicated Engineering Teams

Scale your engineering team overnight and role out features at a blazing pace.

Hiring engineers is seriously difficult and time taking. Instead of making the wrong hiring decisions that can cost you your business, you can hire out one of our ‘engineering pods’ to ensure your product roadmap does not fall behind.

Why Us?


Engagement Process

Building a Team

1 Requirements Analysis & Consultation

We work with you to build out your requirements

2 Interview Engineers & Finalize Team

Matching Developers and you pick who you want to work with

Onboarding a Team

3 Onboard & Integrate Team

Product Understanding & Integrating within Comms. Tools

4 Code Review & Recommendations

We review your current code base and provide recommendations

Shipping Features

5 Building & Shipping Code

We begin writing code and start pushing out features

6 Eliminating Blockers

Our engineers have team leads to help with blockers

7 Bi-Monthly Account Manager Review

Ensure we are on track during bi-monthly reviews

Tools We Recommend

As a team that works with clients and team members from around the world, we leverage several products to drive productivity and efficiency.


Figma XD sketch mockflow justinmind


Aha jira confluence Avaza


slack Zoom GoogleMeet Skype


AWS Google Cloud DigitalOcean Azure

Scale Today with First Principles

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Our experienced engineers become the perfect extension of your in-house team and help you push out features. This works well with startups that recently raised a round of funding and new to move fast or corporates that are going through a digital transformation and need an agile team to work on modern tools and technologies. Our engineers work with a ‘product’ mindset and are trained to communicate effectively.

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At FirstPrinciples, we empower our people to express ideas that drive success. Our open and collaborative work culture motivates our people towards building their dream career.

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