Operator as a Service (OaaS)

Seeking a Partial Exit or Looking For Someone to Run Your Newly Acquired Saas Company?

We are here to help you.

Here’s Who We Help:

Investors who want to purchase a company but don’t have the time to operate it


Burned-out innovative SaaS founders looking for a break


Impeding unique SaaS startups on the lookout for a way to grow


How is OaaS Different Than Traditional Consulting?


With OaaS, we debunk the client-agency relationship and work with you as partners to jointly define the 18 to 24-month objectives. We will be betting on the upside with you - a You Win, I Win situation. The engagement contract will be structured to heavily defer fees until certain milestones are hit which means you needn’t worry about huge upfront costs until you start getting projected results.

What We Do?


Technical Due-Diligence

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  • Understand Investment Objectives Product and Growth Vision
  • Architecture Review & Recommendations
  • Documentation and Process Review
  • Product Function and Quality Audit
  • Team Roles Review and Gap Analysis
  • Recommendations, Solutions, and Realistic Timelines to Meet the Gap


Product Engineering Pod

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  • In depth Product and Customer Understanding
  • Competitor Feature & Positioning Analysis
  • Build a Yearly and Quarterly Product Roadmap
  • Analyzing and Enhancing the Existing Designs
  • Building a UI Style Guide and Platform Theme
  • Defining the Customer Sprint Acceptance Criteria


Product Marketing Pod

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  • Understanding the Competitive Landscape
  • Market Positioning Review & Analysis
  • User Interviews & User Persona Development
  • Channel Identification & Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing Collateral Creation
  • Iterating, Testing and Improvising Strategies for Better Results

Why Choose FirstPrinciples?


SaaS runs in our blood and as entrepreneurs we understand you. Our private investor networks get you the much needed liquidity and with our deep operational expertise in Product Marketing and Product Engineering you get a chance to sit back and relax. We help businesses scale to the next level without compromising on the culture that has made your business unique and awesome.

Success Stories


Web Traffic Boost By 836%

Our cohesive on-page and off-page organic SEO strategy complemented the existing PPC and Social Media Ad campaigns and helped Mosaic Tile Outlet attract an average of 97K visitors monthly with an organic conversion rate 13% higher than before while ranking for high intent keywords.

Keyword Strategy Boosted Organic Traffic by 350%

Our rigorous, process-driven approach and fine tuned SEO and Marketing Strategy helped SyndicationPro - a B2B SaaS company increase their ranking keywords by 75%. Our Growth and Operating Partner saw an upsurge of 350% in their organic traffic and also closed our funding round ahead of schedule.

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