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Published on January 3rd, 2023

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Keeping up with the ongoing “as a service” trend, service and management companies have started to overtake various or all parallels of other companies, providing services from Growth to IT ops to business ops and much more. New terms like Operations as a Service (OaaS), IT Operations as a Service (IT-OaaS), Operator as a Service (OaaS), and Business Operations as a Service (BOSS) have been introduced and widely adopted by companies like Capgemini, Accenture, Pivots.

Operations as a Service a.k.a. OaaS is an attempt to enhance the efficiency of organizations around the world that run their own custom software. Further categorization includes IT Operations as a Service – where vendors act as an extension of the client team and ensures the smooth functioning of their IT operations. Similarly, Business Operations Support as a Service or BOSS delivers real-time sales and operational support that goes beyond application management.

An improvisation to Operations as a Service is the Operator as a Service, where the “Agency” overtakes the entire operation and growth hassle of a company. It’s like a semi-automated car, where a pre-designed system takes over the steering wheel and is responsible for your journey alongside ensuring that you reach your destination safely. OaaS vendors manage next-gen SaaS product companies (since by By 2021, 73% of organizations will be using all or mostly SaaS solutions as per Gartner reports) by scaling their product engineering and marketing capability and accelerating strategic and development initiatives. Companies such as FirstPrinciples, and Internet exits, offer this service.

What is OaaS all about?

Our OaaS a.k.a Operations as a Service packages our operator expertise, network, and capital, to efficiently scale B2B SaaS Companies. We bring together our systems and processes, experience, and people to catapult SaaS companies into category leaders.

Insights On Whom FirstPrinciples Assist
Let’s take a glace whom we help to spin of the journey to be the category leader:

Our Own PE Investments 

FirstPrinciples fully acquires B2B SaaS Companies in the Martech and Fintech space with ARR between $1M and $5M. We leverage our operations service to scale revenue.

Private Equity Firms 

FirstPrinciples partners with other PE Funds that have financial expertise and may need the operational expertise team to scale their acquisitions cost-effectively. Along with bringing the Operator Platform, we also inject our own capital on a deal-by-deal basis.

Founders Looking for Time & Liquidity 

FirstPrinciples Operations as a Service Platform allows founders to hold onto their company while taking money off the table and giving the operational responsibilities to scale their business to FirstPrinciples.

How is OaaS different from traditional consulting?

With OaaS a.k.a Operations as a Service, we debunk the client-agency relationship and work with you as partners to jointly define the 18 to 24-month objectives. We will be betting on the upside with you – a You Win, I Win situation. The engagement contract will be structured to heavily defer fees until certain milestones are hit which means you needn’t worry about huge upfront costs until you start getting projected results.

Operations as a Service excellency

In the venture to propel the efficiency of operation and boost the business value by crafting systematic services, OAAS becomes your reliable companion. Furthermore, in the age of information infrastructure platforms, OaaS aid in establishing digital operations systems. 

It assists you in building platforms quickly, integrating management and business processes, and continuously optimizing the efficiency & the cost of operations. FirstPrinciples OaaS services bring to the organization pinpointed benefits with expertise in specific areas. Let’s have a look at that 

1. Technical Due Diligence 

Setting and having an in-depth understanding of your investment objectives is of utmost necessity to boost your organizational efficiency. We delivered the drilled download understanding of the investment objectives of the product and growth vision. We share expert assistance in the architecture review & recommendations and offer service in documentation and process review.

Furthermore, we also provide the product function and quality audit and set your organization on the track to success without team roles review and gap analysis. Futhmoremore the recommendations, solutions, and realistic timelines to meet the gap aims to streamline the entire workflow to gain the desired result.

2. Product Engineering Pod

In attaining the success of any business assessing the target market and understanding customers are vital aspects. We offer you in-depth product and customer understanding, drill down your competitor’s features, and assist you in positioning the analysis. The services further include:

  • Drafting of a yearly and quarterly Product Roadmap.
  • Analyzing and enhancing the existing Designs.
  • Developing a UI style guide and platform theme.

The OAAS services also empower you with defining the customer sprint acceptance criteria.

3. Product Marketing Pod

In the marketing aspect of the product, you can leverage the assessment of the competitive landscape. We offer the market positioning review & analysis, user interviews & user persona development. The framework is entirely based on channel identification & panning, a well-articulated strategy for time-sensitive projects. Also, the services further include sales and marketing collateral creation and iterating, testing, and improvising strategy for better results.

Why partner with an OaaS company?

In the changing marketing spectrum, establishing an impactful leadership is a hefty task, especially where the changes are fast and the trends live for a short time. However, among the fast-changing scenarios, when you glance at the organizations that have grown in stature, their growth narrative displays the effort they have put into their commitments to customer service and operational excellence.

You need to be consistent and require relentless effort to acquire operational excellence. Building the accelerated transformation in organizations often, there is a lack of systematic operations support services.

Bridging the gap Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) offers comprehensive operations support services for organizations in boosting a positive transformation to stay visible and thrive in the cut-edge competition. If you are still hovering over the points why to partner with OaaS services provides, the following are a few advantages you can take a note of:

  • The first and foremost benefits of partnering with an OaaS service process like FirstPrinciples bring you the founder’s optionality. The expertise can boost the $50mm companies turn into $1Bb ARR companies in a few years while you can continue your own without having extra baggage of worry; your work bags are also decently reduced.
  • With our OaaS expertise, you can make money off the table & derisk. Most founders take a pay cut and deprioritize personal financial needs; we can change that aspect, maintaining the ownership & healthy upside. Futhemroes, starting a company is not glitz, you need to devote time, and most of the time, the startup founder & the team ends up in burnout resulting in reduced productivity. But we bring in an executive team that can help scale your business, sharing the workload, and you can be able to focus on the business cores rather than wearing the multiple hats of responsibilities. 
  • The financial aspect has a crucial role in starting and scaling an organization. We leverage a global team to launch ideas without raising significant outside capital. Besides, we are entirely dedicated to our effort as we invest our capital, time, and resources and are true partners in the business journey. Again, we ensure cross-sell products across various other FP projects and companies and find several synergies.
  • For private equity firms, you can leverage the operational expertise via the OAAS. Building a global product and engineering team is a hefty task in the fierce market scenario. It is also time-consuming. Sometimes it takes more effort and goes beyond capital. Utilizing the operational benefits, you can streamline the work process and win more deals. You can laser focus on sourcing, financing, and closing deals while we ensure we hit the numbers post-acquisition. Besides, adding FirstPrinciples as an operating partner adds significant credibility because we have successfully done this many times over.

The Bottom Line

Partnering with an OAAS offers you the apparent economies of scale. The highly trained workforce of the team makes informed decisions by following the operational best practices to design an infrastructure environment. The worry of the security patches is minimized as we devote time and effort just like you are the partner in the same game.

 For the startups or the private equity firms shifting to the top quintile or even improving within it is challenging in the current competitive scenario. While most companies have embarked on their journeys, the efficiency levels impact their performance. With the OaaS by the side, companies across industries can craft and successfully put the sound strategy to access new markets or capabilities.

The mergers and acquisitions, investing in capabilities and value-creating activities at a significant scale, aggressively allocating resources to those capabilities and activities and radically improving productivity and the expert forces of the OaaS allow companies to move up the ARR curve.

Seeking OAAS expertise and confused about how to start? You can get started with a discovery call and connect with our expert team to drill down how our systems and processes catapult your SaaS company into category leaders!

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