Google Core Update Expert Session


An in-depth chat with Pushkar Sinha, Digital Marketing Manager at FirstPrinciples, and Augustin A. Senior Digital Marketer at SyndicationPro


Every year Google releases a series of updates to make the search landscape a level-playing field by lifting the rankings of the sites that have done exceptionally well during a specific period of time. Although a few sites get the benefit, for some, the rankings go down. This essentially points out the need to update the content so that it matches the user intent and is in line with the updates in the industry they are in.

This year, Google released a broad core update rolled out from May 25, till June 9. It was a massive algorithm update with many sites seeing a ton of volatility early in the rollout.

In this expert session, Shivaraj, Senior Marketing Analyst at FirstPrinciples was joined by Pushkar Sinha Digital Marketing Manager and SEO research Lead at Firstprinciples, and Augustin, Senior Digital Marketer at SyndicationPro, to discuss the impact Google core update had on websites and how companies specifically SaaS companies can deal as well as prepare for these in the future.


Some of the key questions discussed during their chat:
  • What was the focus of the recent Google Update?
  • How to deal with the SERP fluctuations these updates cause and are there any strategies to implement beforehand to stay ahead of those changes?
  • What impact did the Google core update have on the rankings of SyndicationPro?
  • What are the biggest challenges in-house SEOs face?
  • Will schema and structured data help snippets and CTR? If not, are there any alternate ways to retain the SERP rank?
  • Has the approach to dealing with these updates changed over time?


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