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Published on October 28th, 2021

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When I started this business on November 18, 2014, a mentor told me that if your business survives the first 1000 days, it can someday thrive! I didn’t really understand what she meant until we were five years in as a company.

It meant discovering a niche in which our team can be truly world-class at; a niche that we can truly be passionate about!

After building a lot of software and running hundreds of marketing campaigns for clients in various industries and of various sizes, we have now become specialists in developing and growing “SaaS” Products.

SaaS Products come in two variances

1. Built for external users to help them grow their business in exchange for a monthly subscription
2. Built for internal users to improve business workflow and efficiency

We are game to partner to help with both! We absolutely love working with entrepreneurs to knock out features on their product roadmap and to increase their user base by employing a variety of Growth strategies like SEO, Content, and Sales Development. We love the challenge of partnering with CXOs to digitally transform their operations by building modern applications to run their businesses.

I am personally appreciative of every client, employee, and vendor for trusting us and helping us find our path. We grew by 52.8% in 2019. Even with a global pandemic that has had catastrophic consequences for businesses in 2020, we are on track to grow by 28% with the majority of our business being driven by existing relationships or referrals. Clients need a trusted partner more than ever and we are thankful to everyone that has decided to partner with us.

On the housekeeping end, if you are an HR and have stumbled upon a resume of one of our past employees and need to verify their employment at Armentum for both our US or India Operations, please do forward your requests to [email protected].


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