6 Best Ways To Prevent Security Threats For SaaS Applications

Published on August 19th, 2022

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The Cloud is growing at a lightning pace; in fact, the industry is projected to reach an all-time high value of $171.9 billion [Source] by the end of this year. The annual growth rate is projected to surpass 17% in 2022 [Source] because, compared to the traditional private infrastructure, Cloud has many advantages, including increased flexibility, low to no maintenance, and ease of access with and from anywhere.

However, even the best things have some cons that shouldn’t be overlooked. In the case of the Cloud, there are security concerns like system security, data and communication security, privacy, and latency. In addition, when designing and developing. In Cloud SaaS applications, these security issues must be addressed to ensure regulatory compliance, security, and a trusted environment for Cloud SaaS users.

In this complex world that sees new cyber-attacks and data breaches every week, all SaaS apps and businesses must keep their internal and customer data safe and secure and learn how to minimize cloud security risks for SaaS applications. Here are the 6 best ways to prevent security threats for Saas applications.

Ensure Strict Data Encryption

There are many benefits to using strict data encryption for better SaaS security. One significant aspect is that it makes it harder for people who try to access your data. Data encryption makes it very difficult for people who want access to your confidential information.

Another significant benefit of data encryption is that your data is much more secure against tampering and leaking. Data tampering includes altering your files or database or downloading your files. This can often compromise your security if these actions are repeated often. Furthermore, when you use strict data encryption for better SaaS security, your information cannot be stolen in various ways, including theft off the internet and computer crimes.

The SQL database can be protected using the SQL server feature, which enables you to turn on a setting to encrypt stored data with their Transparent Data Encryption(TDE) feature.

Creating and Storing Logs for Monitoring

Looking for new SaaS usage that may not currently be tracked should be on every SaaS security checklist. SaaS models are known for their ability to rapidly deploy applications. As such, be alert for unexpected usage. When and where possible, employ manual data gathering methods and automated tools to keep abreast of use and maintain a reliable inventory of what services are operated and by whom throughout the organization.

Monitoring Cloud and using Secure Cloud Hosting Services

Continuously monitoring the cloud environment is the best practice for SaaS security, which is composed of a network of thousands of servers that are connected to secure a global network. The users can monitor the health of their Cloud at any given time using real-time analytics. This information allows us to watch new security risks proactively and make adjustments where needed. When a user needs to make changes to its environment, it can do so, which allows it to always be well-prepared for the new security risks that may come its way.

A few biggest cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, etc., provide the best security features and are available worldwide. They have leveraged their infrastructure and the best SaaS cybersecurity practices they have made available to the public. The few best security features this cloud hosting provider gives are:

  1. API gateway services
  2. Encryption Service
  3. Security Monitoring Services

Implementation of Multi-factor-authentication (MFA)

It’s a routine practice for cyber criminals to use brute force attacks or other social engineering attacks to steal usernames and passwords for network penetration. With MFA becoming accessible, enabling it for cloud security is an easy decision you can make to protect your company data, reducing your overall cyber-security risks.

Your user ID and password are usually the first set of factors. A token, such as your smartphone, can be a second factor. These factors will be required whenever someone is accessing your apps and files. In addition, biometrics has also become a standard option for verification. Implement a system that needs at least two of the following three types of information:

  • Something you know (username and password)
  • Something you have(token or smartphone), and
  • Something you are (thumbprint, voice, or face ID).

Data Backup

SaaS vendors must ensure that all sensitive enterprise data is regularly backed up to help quick recovery in case of failures.

In the case of cloud vendors, the data is not encrypted automatically. The users need to separately encrypt their data and backups so that they cannot be accessed or tampered with by unauthorized parties.

An enabled data retention policy must ensure that only relevant data is stored on servers, and another superficial yet necessary data is deleted from them after a certain period. This adds a layer of security as the client-side information isn’t available for extended periods without due cause.

SaaS Security Tools

The single-stop destination for SaaS security requirements, SaaS security tools helps vendors by making maintenance of SaaS servers and application security hassle-free. These tools provide compliance checks and monitoring of assets and employ the best security practices for your SaaS application.

Here are a few tools that can be used to secure SaaS applications.

  1. Astra Security

The topmost SaaS security tool, Astra helps with the protection of SaaS websites, applications, cloud infrastructure, as well as APIs with a well-established security tool- Astra Pentest Suit,


  • Provides powerful vulnerability scanner
  • Provides website protection with a robust firewall and malware detection.
  1. Intruder

The intruder is a vulnerability management software that provides security to SaaS companies (that have limited resources) and helps run efficient vulnerability management effectively.

Top Features:

  • intruder offers internal and external vulnerability scanning as well as continuous penetration testing
  • Risks and patch management
  1. Detectify

A popular SaaS security service, Detectify helps companies looking to shift to the cloud platform. It is an easy-to-navigate service with excellent customer support.


  • Provides asset discovery and vulnerability assessments.
  • Provide constant scanning and monitoring of applications.
  • Offers integrative abilities for SaaS like Jira and Slack
  1. Cloudflare

This popular online protection service offers reliable protection for SaaS services, websites, APIs, and everything on the internet.

Key Features:

  • Protects network against external attacks.
  • Cloudflare provides optimized and high-speed connectivity between devices.


Cloud security and the best measures for implementation make the cloud service provider seem more reliable and trustworthy. It raises the bar for customer confidence due to increased vigilance to protect their applications and data. Most cloud service providers give us an upper hand in the SaaS security system by providing continuous scans, monitoring, and safety measures.

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Rajat Bahuguna

DevOps engineer at Firstprinciples, Rajat specializes in software containerization platforms like Docker, container orchestration tools like Kubernetes, and infrastructure as code software tools like Terraform, also have good knowledge of major cloud service providers, like AWS, GCP, etc. In his free time, he likes to travel and play guitar or mobile games.


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