Future of Blockchain and Culture Development in Software Companies

Published on June 15th, 2022

4 min read


Every company needs software developers but the effort to recruit, hire and especially retain these skilled workers may be more of a challenge than what one might expect. Culture is very important to tackle the retention challenge a lot of companies face these days. It not only defines a company’s identity and reputation but can also improve employee retention and engagement.

In our recent podcast, we have Nav Rajput CPO at Firstprinciples in conversation with Rohit Malekar, the Senior Manager at Deloitte.

We were grateful to have him with us as the depth of experience he is coming with is extraordinary. He shared great insights from his journey about product management, applications and the future of Blockchain, culture development, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Career Decisions
  • India to Indiana
  • Product Management
  • Blockchain and the power of decentralized communities (DAO)
  • Culture Development and Leadership

Initial Days of Career

Rohit’s decision to pursue computer science was partly motivated by its hype in the late 90s. The rest was his inherent curiosity about technology.

He did his engineering in Pune and then went to Indiana University, USA, to pursue a master’s in Information Systems.

Talking about this decision, Rohit mentioned that exposing yourself to a culture that’s different from what you’ve grown with organically expands your horizon. It opens you up to more extensive opportunities.

After joining Deloitte as a consultant in 2008, one of the essential lessons Rohit learned was that sometimes you shouldn’t wait for permission. If you find a problem that needs to be fixed immediately and think you can fix it – go ahead. Don’t wait for directions from your manager. Good leaders always appreciate their teammates taking the initiative and setting things on their own.

A big part of his role at Deloitte is centered around building products. The fundamental insight he discovered about PM was that it’s all about solving the correct problems correctly.

Culture Development

Delegation becomes more crucial as you scale your company. There comes the point where you need to speed up the expansion of your teams to make sure things are running smoothly even when you’re not there to oversee.

Once you reach that stage, the culture you’ve created and you will create matters a lot. Everything – from the smallest to the most significant decisions your organization makes, defines your culture. It is always happening.

It’s a challenge to run a 100-people organization when you’re scaling fast. There will be too many things to look after.

Suppose you can do that things become way less stressful for you as a senior manager or founder. Creating a culture like this is also good for the happiness of your team as they won’t feel they’re being micromanaged.

Future of Blockchain

Unlike most crypto brothers, Rohit doesn’t think that Blockchain will create an ultimate utopia and solve grave issues like world hunger. 

He believes that Blockchain is like a Ferrari — all of us want one, but most of us don’t need one. It’s a great technology, but most people are overly optimistic about its impact.

One of the recent developments in the Blockchain world has been DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It is an organization controlled by a group of people per a set of rules encoded as a computer program. A central government does not influence the DAO communities.

He believes that the most critical aspect of DAOs is that the technology allows you to convert your values into programmable money. You can capture your community’s shared values into a token, making it possible to create an economy around it.

Rohit believes that the power to create such micro-economies and use them to collaborate is the biggest differentiator of Blockchain.

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