The Ultimate Hacks To Build Your Twitter Empire From Scratch

Published on June 15th, 2022

10 min read


Just 280 characters, that’s it. That’s the space you get to connect with your audience on the 460 million user base platform Twitter. The question is, is it really possible to build a brand on Twitter within this character limitation?


We connected with Alex Berman, Founder, and Chief Content Creator at x27 for some insights as to how you can build your Twitter empire from scratch.

Watch the complete podcast here.

Here are the top 5 learnings from our conversation:

  • Leverage what you like and make that your strength
  • Sharpen your profile to get the traction you want
  • Build connections and influence
  • Schedule your tweets and engage with your audience
  • Curate the people you’re following
  • Build a framework to find, curate, and share content
  • Focus on tweet modeling and content storming

You can listen to the podcast here

Follow the crowd to stand out

“The way that I pick platforms is based on the hype. So everything I do is based around following the hype.”

If you’re hooked to a platform you might as well make some out of it, that’s the strategy Alex leveraged, be it making Youtube videos or tweeting all day long. 

Twitter, if leveraged in the right way, it has the ability to surpass Youtube. A video posted on Youtube will get the same amount of views in over a week as it gets on Twitter in 2 hours.

It is a sticky platform. Once you get familiar with it, it’s hard to resist the incoming notifications, urge to retweet or refrain from sharing your opinion about things that are trending for the day. As a brand, you can use this stickiness in a positive way, by following the trend but spinning it in your direction.

This is how he went from 4,000 followers for like five years to 30,000+ now. Once we figured out Twitter, we gathered all our learning into a single place, and with a tinge of high-level techniques, we created a course Twitter 10K. This course talks more about how we went from 0 on Twitter to 10,000 followers in three days.

Your profile matters – a lot!

You need to have an account that people would want to follow and be inspired by. Building a good Twitter profile is not just about having a cool handle or writing a suave bio, you need to do a 3600 makeover of your profile, starting with your Twitter handle, of course.

The next step will be to understand what message you want to convey with your Twitter profile, do you want it to be a personal fun profile or do you want it to be a profile, “Just business” profile. Once that decision is out of the way you can pick a straightforward and memorable handle, like @jessywrites, @JeffTheChef, or play around with something funky like @BoredElonMusk or @MoosejawMadness, however, you should refrain from the cryptic handles of a middle schooler like @sosadtoday or @LordVoldemort, at least for your company profile.

Another thing you should remember is that although you are free to change the Twitter handles anytime you want, it’s not advisable to change them too often, you need to settle on one handle and let people recognize it. You need to create a brand that’s consistent and recognizable, and this includes your usernames.

“Twitter is gonna surpass YouTube. It already surpasses YouTube in terms of monthly impressions”

Choose your brand imaging and commit

The goal here is to build a company or personal brand, focus on a niche and be the person that marketers, growth mavens, and CEOs look to for inspiration. Use the following tips to dress up your profile:

  • Have a clear brand image and convey what you do
  • Work on an excellent cover photo with a clear CTA (if possible)
  • Write a strong Twitter bio
  • Add a link to your website
  • Pin a tweet with a backstory and present it as a hero’s journey

Once you’ve settled on the above, you need to commit some time to write tweets, even if you write just 1 tweet a day, you’ll have 100s of tweets by the end of the year. If you’re new, spend time engaging and connecting with others, engage with others and post regularly, you can also schedule your tweets. If you have already built connections, spend at least 15-30 minutes daily maintaining that relationship.

An additional strategy to leverage is to respond to mentions and shares – an obvious but the least used one along with starting conversations. Don’t back down from tagging people, mentioning them in your tweets, or asking their opinions on relevant trending topics.

Focus on Twitter pods

Once you’ve set up your profile and followed profiles you wanna build content like, you need to target lookalike audiences like SaaS whiz, marketing, or growth wizard. This is called Twitter Pods – you find similar accounts and push some ads to them. 

However, sorting an audience is critical here, and although you can build an audience organically too, it will take some time. So you shouldn’t completely ignore the power of Ads. If you’re targeting the right audience, you’ll get the same amount of followers in just a couple of days as you might get with organic methods.

Additionally, when it comes to targeting an audience, it’s always preferable to focus on a global audience, especially for SaaS businesses.

“It all comes down to building a profile that people wanna follow. That’s the main thing. If you build a profile that’s garbage, then you can’t expect A-level followers. If you build a profile that only people that like you and resonate and would buy your products would follow, then that’s what you’re gonna get via ads.

The winning content strategy framework

“A writer who doesn’t read is like a chef who doesn’t eat.”

You should also curate your feed in a way you wanna tweet. You can start off by identifying people who have the type of content that you wanna make, following them, and reading their tweets.

What this strategy does is when you open your Twitter, all you’re doing is reading those tweets, and eventually you’re gonna be tweeting like them. And then you would start content storming.

You tweet it out and you just content storm means as much content as you possibly can. Then you feed that into Twitter ads to find which pieces of content get the most followers. The reason behind this is in the initial phase you need to find out what tweets work and the only way to find out that is to get you addicted to that notification algorithm. 

“You are what you read”

So remember:

Read your feed >> set a timer >> come up with as many tweets as possible

Additionally, keep an eye out for quirky or unique tweets and instead of replying to them, mold it to fit in your niche and tweet it as a new one, this is called Tweet modeling. For instance, you saw a meme that’s trending, instead of retweeting, make your own version of the meme. 

You go to an account that’s similar to you, but in a different niche, look at their most popular tweets. For this, you can also use the Twitter advanced search, set the parameters –  the account you like and their tweet with > 100 likes. You can also create a Twitter pack, a list of ultra viral tweets. And then you look at the tweets instead of copying, write it in your own way, for your niche but keep it similar to his vibe.

Tweets that can be read in multiple ways

This strategy works great if you want to boost engagement. For instance, this tweet below:


got over 3 million impressions, 1000s of likes, and a bunch of comments, the reason being that every crypto person had their own view about this, very much liked by Cardona fanboys but not by Bitcoin ones, some think it’s the stupidest thing they’ve ever heard in their life, so they commented and even retweeted. So now you’ve got all these different audiences commenting and boosting the algorithm. Viral tweets don’t have to be controversial but they need to have an audience overlap. So the best content is stuff that hits every audience in a unique way. The wider your audience, the more views.

Listen to the podcast here.

Final thoughts

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ~ Picasso

The best Tweets are the ones that are outside the boundaries of normal ones. You need to take a chance to get a huge payoff.

The best hack to rule Twitter is to create content by first listing the people you look up to and mimicking them, not in an awful way, though. Commit 30 minutes to write 30 tweets and voila, you are already ahead of everyone else. And if you’re hit with writer’s block, you can always look at other accounts and model your tweets.

So, happy tweeting, and let me know in the comments which strategies or hacks worked great for you!

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