Sales Development

Have a firm sense of control on your revenue with personalized omni-channel outreach

Build predictable revenue by reaching out to your target customers with personalized messages through various channels. Run a personalized email campaign, followed up with phone calls, and Linkedin outreach. Top it all with pre-targeting and re-targeting ad campaigns.

The process of acquiring leads can be arduous, time-consuming, and expensive.  It requires accurate targeting, a well-trained Sales Development team, the right content, and a combination of various reach out channels.

As a sales development partner, we specialize in helping our customers exceed goals and solve unique business challenges related to sales, marketing, and technology.

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The SaaS Sales Development Checklist

Our checklist and process guide are enroute which will help you to establish your Sales Development Team at your SaaS Company

Our Unique Strategies


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Engagement Process

Developing a strategy

15 Days
1Current Process & Competitor Audit
2Building Customer Profiles
3Identifying Lead Sources
4Positioning & Messaging Strategy
5Omni-Channel Outreach Scripts

Building the base

30 Days
6Lead Cleansing &
7Identifying & Training SDRs
8Setting up Outbound CRM
9Positioning Analysis & KPIs
10Omni-Channel Outreach Scripts

Technology Setup

30 Days
11Pre-Trageting and Retargeting Ad Setup
12Creating Landing Pages
13Integrating Different Tools and Systems

Omni-channel outreach (on-going)

1Lead Sourcing & Cleansing
2Personalized Email Campaigns
3Linkedin Outreach
4Phone & SMS Outreach
5Review & Analysis

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