The SaaS Handbook: How to build a SaaS Application in 7 steps?

The SaaS Handbook: How to build a SaaS Application in 7 steps?

The SaaS Handbook: How to build a SaaS Application in 7 steps?

Developing a SaaS application can seem to be the next logical step for your business growth. But you wouldn’t want to haste that decision, especially without conducting proper research first. You must contemplate all areas upfront to plan your costs, phases, and marketing plan throughout the process. When working on SaaS applications, many pieces are either overlooked or unplanned at the start. This can cost you your time, capital, and energy as a team.

For this, understanding the ins and outs of the SaaS development process is crucial as it will help you make proper decisions regarding hiring a dev team, allocating the budget, or marketing the new solution. Join us for our upcoming webinar to get insights into the following points:

1. What is SaaS Application
2. Understanding of Business Requirements
3. Prototyping (Low vs High Fidelity)
4. Unified Modeling Language
5. How to write effective user stories
6. Product Development
7. User Acceptance Testing
8. Product Launch

About the Speaker

About the Speaker

Madhuri Pandit

Product Owner at FirstPrinciples.
Experienced Business and Product Analyst, Madhuri is skilled in SQL script, Axure RP, Photoshop, Sketch, HTML, etc. From collaborating and working closely with various stakeholders such as customers, business leaders, development teams, and project managers to ensure all the product requirements are well defined and executed in time, Madhuri is a pro at handling SaaS projects.


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