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FirstPrinciples Acquires

Companies FirstPrinciples Acquires LeadShark

FirstPrinciples has acquired LeadShark, a US-based Outbound Marketing SaaS company that provides a database of leads to marketing and sales professionals. FirstPrinciples. This acquisition is a big win for the users of our Venture Studio product, who will now have access to LeadShark's extensive database of leads.

FirstPrinciples Launches Omni.US in partnership with AnR Ventures

Companies FirstPrinciples Launches Omni.US in partnership with AnR Ventures

FirstPrinciples venture studio has partnered with AnR Ventures to launch Omni.US, a cutting-edge sales development tool for B2B companies. This partnership serves as a reflection of FirstPrinciple’s desire to support startups in reaching their goals and achieving success.

FirstPrinciples SaaS Acquires HRM company Lanteria

Companies Lanteria

FirstPrinciples has acquired Ukraine-based HR SaaS company, Lanteria, as part of its expanding portfolio of global B2B software products. FirstPrinciples is committed to building a global network of world-class engineers, marketers, and operations specialists.

A Venture Holding Company

A Venture Holding Company

A Venture Holding Company

FirstPrinciples starts, acquires, and advises B2B SaaS Companies. We strive to create $100mm in enterprise value every year that we can realize within 7 years. We like to build and scale businesses in the Martech, Fintech, and HR Space.

We have developed marketing and sales playbooks to generate revenue and product engineering processes to build enterprise grade applications fast. FirstPrinciples invests heavily in developing its people. Our team of over a 110 people work remotely across different countries with the largest presence in India.

Our Verticals

Venture Studio

We work with domain experts to identify and solve specific problems in the Fintech, Martech, and HR space.

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Get the freedom to do what’s next on your bucket list as we share the task of scaling your product engineering and marketing to accelerate strategic, development initiatives for your next-gen SaaS Product.

Operational Leverage To Scale Faster

Buying Companies Upto $5mm in ARR

Take Money Off The Table & Derisk

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We work with high-growth SaaS companies and Agencies to help scale their revenue engines, engineer scalable products and build high-performance teams. Bringing the best practices with battle-tested operators to move the needle.

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"As a partner, FirstPrinciples has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in developing streamlined digital marketing strategies, leading to substantial sales growth across all product lines. The team's reliability and results-oriented approach has been invaluable in helping our business boost revenue through our online presence."

Arman Ghosh

Co-Founder | Greatvet


"The expertise of FirstPrinciples in product development and SaaS growth marketing has contributed to our success in expanding our customer base and revenue. They have an excellent team of engineers who have extremely organized systems and processes. They have been a valuable partner in developing and growing"

Alex Berman

Co-Founder |



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