Why ReactJs Could Be The Right Choice for Your Product?

Why ReactJs Could Be the Best Choice for Your Product

Why ReactJs Could Be the Best Choice for Your Product

What do the huge conglomerates Dropbox, Airbnb, Netflix, and in fact the popular social media giant – Facebook have in common? They all use ReactJS.

This popular and fast JavaScript framework is majorly leveraged to build rich user interfaces for web and mobile applications. React is the new kid on the block that single-handedly tackles product challenges such as high UX expectations, high availability, support for multiple devices, and more.

The popularity of ReactJS is obvious, but is it the right choice for your team? Check out the live webinar recording to understand the fundamentals of ReactJS and how its use can impact your product development.

Here’s an overview of what was covered in this webinar:

  • What makes React special?
  • Why choose ReactJS?
  • Key points to note when choosing React from a business perspective
  • How exactly does React work?
  • What’s ReactJS like from a developer perspective
  • How component-based design and development lead to better business decisions, and more
  • Is ReactJS easier to learn as compared to Angular, Ember, etc?

Webinar Questions

This is a compilation of questions asked by the attendees during the webinar session

This is a compilation of questions asked by the attendees during the webinar session

Every tool or tech stack has its pros and cons. Here are a few cons of ReactJS:
1. With the high pace of development, the environment changes rapidly and some developers might not feel comfortable relearning the new ways of doing things on a continuous basis
2. ReactJS covers only the UI Layers of the app which means you still need to choose some other technologies so that you have complete tooling set for development
3. As ReactJS is constantly updating, sometimes the documentation isn’t exactly up-to-date.
The pros still outweigh the cons, which is why we also shifted to ReactJS for one of our products, you can read the complete case study here.

React is the most popular solution to build interactive web applications, both small and large.
Many startups and companies have started using ReactJs for their web application development because:
1. Server rendered pages perform better
2. ReactJs is great for SEO now due to techniques like pre-rendering, server-side rendering, etc.
Talking about NextJs, it has all the functionality you need to create an application. Also, the documentation is great and is getting popular with front-end developers. Although NextJs is a layer on top of React, it will not need a large code change in react.

An uncontrolled component in React is one that renders form elements, where the data is handled by the DOM (default DOM behavior).
A controlled component in React is one that renders form elements and controls them by keeping the form data in the components’ state.

React has a very low level of difficulty. A well-written learning resource can decrease the time to learn, especially if the material has guides, practice projects, and videos. To shorten the learning curve you need to have clear documentation, tutorials, and react training resources.
Although becoming proficient in ReactJs with basic JS experience will take you between one and six months, for any JavaScript developer to have prior experience, can easily understand and start building web applications using React in a few days.

About the Speaker

About the Speaker

Zarrar Palekar

Zarrar Palekar serves as a Senior MERN Full Stack Web Development at FirstPrinciples.
A passionate Full Stack Web Developer, Zarrar Palekar has experience in React.js, Redux, Express.js, Node.js, and MongoDB. Zarrar is also passionate about learning new technologies, analyzing the problems they are solving, and how they can be used to build better and scalable products.

Zarrar Zawed Ahmed Plekar

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