Getting Started with Software and Product Estimation Framework


A Comprehensive Conversation with Narendran P, Technical Product Manager, SyndicationPro and Nandini Perini, Senior Product Owner, FirstPrinciples


Understanding the control variables and building a detailed integrated project with early course-correct are the prerequisites for starting the software and product estimation.

Irrespective of the size and difficulty level, estimation predicts financial implication, completion & delivery time frame, and contemplating new ideas. It helps in the planning session, determines the scope, or prepares to scaffold detailed project plans based on scope fundamentals.

In this expert session, Harsh Singh, Junior Community Manager at FirstPrinciples, was joined by Narendran Parivallal, Technical Product Manager at SyndicationPro, and Nandini Perini, the Senior Product Owner at FirstPrinciples, to discuss the possible factors in the estimation to be put in the list of considerations, commemorating detailed specification, functional requirements, involved risk factors in the intended project, and so on.

The in-depth expert session explored deriving ideas on managing releases, getting in-depth insight on estimating an MVP or project with a fixed budget, challenges with internal & external stakeholder requirements with instances, and introspections of the expert’s in-ground experience.


Giving hypothesis a reality check the key questions discussed during their chat:
  • How to get estimations right?
  • How to manage releases when actual work exceeds estimated effort?
  • What metrics to track to improve the estimation framework?
  • What POA to adhere to if the original estimates, and the work logs do not match?
  • How to estimate any uncertain scenarios?

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